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About us

About Us!

Mythica is a girl who came from the dark side!
She's new to The Moodz school. But she knows lots of interesting things! Mythica's power is dark but her heart is the opposite.
Mythica's best company is her little friend named Kirara (Kilala). Kirara is a tiny fox/dog demon.

Totty is the calm and mature one.
She has the power of the wind and she often stops Sasha and Mythica fighting. She has a kind heart and helped Mythica through her problems.
Totty has a little pet named pipi.

Gabs was Mythica's maid until they escaped from the darkside.
She joined the Moodz School and is a great Spellworker but she is still learning so she messes her spells up a bit. Her powers are strongest at full moon.
She's really mischievous and random.
Her powers are earth and she can turn into demons.
Gabs has a little pet named winter (winter likes biting people she doesn't like) winter is also Gabs' experiment on her homemade spells...which normally go wrong.


Cheryl is the newest and youngest member in the Moodz school with her pet, Oracle. They can read minds and predict future, thought not always accurately. Cheryl studies the magic of healing at the school, though sometimes they backfire.

Cheryl is totally HYPED UP sometimes, going crazy with Oracle, who she rescued when the little creature was oh-so-young. o.0 She's dark & evil at night, but a little sweet angel by day and runs around like omgz-so-hyped-up almost 24/7.

Sasha's a mad girl, who often fights with Mythica because they kind of share the same thoughts at the same time. But Sasha could be kind sometimes (hardly ever!) Her power is fire, she can burn lots of different things. Sasha has a dustball named fuzzy.

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Made by the moodz! (Mythica, Totty, Gabrielle, Cheryl, Sasha)